Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Maximum Wanderlust

I love how amazing Instagram is. You can scroll through most corners of the globe, get a glimpse into people’s everyday lives and track some amazing journeys that people are undertaking, all through a series of perfectly filtered photos. This means that when you’re in the pre-travel saving-the-pennies phase, you can ogle over awesome wanderlust-inspiring photographs that will remind you why the hell you’re doing it.

So I wanted to compile a list of a few of my favourite instagrammers who are doing it right.

Girl Eat World



I love the Girl Eat World Instagram account as it combines two of my biggest loves in life – Travel and Food. All of the photos in this gallery feature a gorgeous location in the background and a scrumptious delicacy of the location in the foreground. What’s not to love?

Girl Eat World has an impressive 137k followers. You can follow the Instagram account here or check out the Girl Eat World blog here.

Tuula Vintage



The Tuula Vintage Instagram account is the work of blogger Jessica Stein and is the aspirational account I follow for beautiful photos of exotic destinations, fabulous fashion and pretty much the dream life. If you want to dream big, this is the account to follow.

Tuula Vintage has a whopping 1.6 million followers and you can follow too here. You can also take a look at the Tuula Vintage blog here.

The Belle Abroad



The Belle Abroad follows the adventures of Caroline, a Southern belle currently living in London. Not only does Caroline have photos of gorgeous locations, but she always has amazing hair! You know how I have unrealistic hair expectations on my travels, well this girl always has fabulous braids! Very jealous.

Her account is fairly low-key at 500 followers, but you can follow her here. You can also take a look at her blog The Belle Abroad here.

Heels In My Backpack

Ok ok, I’m pretty cheeky to put my own account in here! Any chance for a quick insta-plug amiright? Seriously though, I post a mix of travel photos, product reviews I put up on the blog and fashion pieces on the High Street I’m currently coveting.

I’m also on the low key side of the blogosphere with just over 500 Instagram followers, if you fancy following me, just click here 🙂

Hit me up if you know any other cool Instagram accounts I should be following! Gotta get that wanderlust fix…

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