Top Travel Beauty Tips From The Experts

To finish off this month’s ‘Beauty On The Road’ theme, I asked my favourite travel bloggers and backpacking beauties to put forward their top beauty tips for your travels! Here’s what they came up with…


Rachel from Hippie In HeelsRachel from Hippie In Heels

Rachel Jones is an American who left a career in nursing to live on the beaches on Goa, India two years ago where she is now a Thai masseuse, candle-maker, and travel writer. Check out her blog here.

Rachel’s Top Travel Beauty Tips

  • “I always pack at least 1 or 2 mini OPI nail polishes so that when in countries who offer 3 dollar manicures, but have cheap polish, I can have them use my own.”
  • “I can’t live without Clinique Moisture Surge Lotion. It is so soothing and I smother it on before I get on planes and even in the middle of the flight.”


Hayley from QLPHayley from Quirky Little Planet

Hayley is a self-proclaimed holiday-addict! Her blog is a quirky girl’s guide to the world, check it out here.

Hayley’s Top Travel Beauty Tips

  • “My top tip for hair: a Tangle Teezer hairbrush. Glides through wet hair with minimal fuss – not sure how I lasted so long without one!”
  • “I always like to have a lip balm in my bag, especially when flying. A favourite of mine is Nivea SOS Lip Relief as it seems to be more effective on sore, dry lips than some other balms I’ve tried.”


Manouk from BoBManouk from Bunch of Backpackers

Manouk is a twenty-something girl from the Netherlands. Her blog is one of my favourites and full of handy tips for travellers – check out her visits to off-the-beaten path destinations here.

Manouk’s Top Travel Beauty Tips

  • “Don’t overpack with different colors of nail polish, eye shadows, lipsticks etc. Stick to the essentials and only take the minimum of beauty products needed with you. Usually, a mascara and lipstick are enough to look pretty as a picture during your travels!”
  • “Bring cleansing wipes! During you travels you may encounter extremely hot conditions (and sweat your ass off) or dirty conditions (dust, sand, mud) etc. Cleansing wipes will freshen and clean you up. They will make you seem like you hiked that active volcano effortless without sweating or falling on to the dusty grounds. I always carry some with me!”


Lorena from Sunshine and LorenaLorena from Sunshine and Lorena

Lorena is a 20-something year old graduate from Scotland, currently living in Madrid as an English language assistant and blogging about her experiences. Check out her blog here.

Lorena’s Top Travel Beauty Tips

  • “When I travel with only hand luggage I try and cut back on how much liquids I take. Instead of taking liquid foundation, I switch it for powder foundation to save space in my liquid bag.”
  • “I also like transfer all the liquids I am taking into small (under 100ml) reusable containers, that way I don’t have to spend extra money on miniature toiletries. It’s good for my purse and for the environment.”


Liz from Liz and LipglossLiz from Liz and Lipgloss

Liz is a writer and editor based in Hertfordshire, Essex and London, and is my beauty guru! Her blog, ‘Liz and Lipgloss’, consists of fashion news, thoughts and observations, in depth controversial features as well as spot-on product reviews. Check it out here.

Liz’s Top Travel Beauty Tips

  • “Sunscreen! You can tan through sunscreen, it just stops you getting burnt! So don’t think you can go without! Exposure to the sun not only leaves you prone to burning but also dries out the skin and can cause sun spots – I have an annoying one at the end of my nose that pops out to say hi now every time the sun comes out., all because I never used to wear sunscreen. Make sure you get a higher factor for your face and lips (yes lips need protecting too) as your skin there is far more sensitive!”
  • “Tint those Lashes! Even if you have quite dark lashes the tint gives them that great line and it also means you can get out quicker in the morning without worrying about your make up – oh and if a spontaneous dip in the sea takes your fancy it’s all A-OK!”
  • “Go Bare!…with your nails! The sunshine is SO good for your nails and even if you leave them a week without polish you’ll see them become stronger and longer so quickly!”
  • “Be Bold! With your lips! If going au natural doesn’t take your fancy a quick bit of lippy can do wonder – oh and corals look dreamy with tans!”
  • “Moisturise! As I mentioned earlier the sun really does dry out your skin – but so do planes. If you can, travel without any slap, and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise whilst on the plane – I’m talking your face, hands, lips, feet…ok maybe not feet, but who knows!”
  • “Don’t take your whole make up bag. No really, just don’t. You’ll be so wrapped up in checking out all the local hotspots, chances are you’ll wear a full face of make up for the first day and then not bother after that! A great BB cream with SPF, a bold lipstick and you’re done. You’ll only loose half of your bits or break them (like I did – sob sob!)”


Dariece & Nich from Goats On The RoadDariece from Goats On The Road

Dariece is one half of the Canadian nomadic couple who made travelling a lifestyle! Their blog ‘Goats On The Road’ is an ode to being location independent and making money abroad. Check it out here.

Dariece’s Top Travel Beauty Tips:

“To be honest, I’m not the most “girly-girl” out there. I don’t wear make-up when travelling, unless we’re going out for a fancy dinner and then I’ll throw on some mascara. I hardly dress up and much prefer to throw on my comfortable, colourful, loose pants from Mexico than a pair of jeans. Having said all of that, when on the road it IS nice to feel like a woman and look “pretty” once in a while. For me, it’s as simple as trying out a new hairstyle, putting on a nice dress and adding some accessories…”

  • “Bobby pins are a simple way to change your hairstyle, plus they’re very small, lightweight and easy to pack.”
  • “As far as dresses go, I suggest sundresses because they can be used at the beach or can be worn for an evening out.”
  • “For accessories, there’s nothing better than wearing a bracelet and some earrings from one of the countries you’ve recently visited.”
  • “A small purse is also a nice addition, rather than wearing a backpack!”


Laura from Stories From A BackpackLaura from Stories From A Backpack

Laura is a firm believer that the best stories come out of a backpack and urges her readers to travel the world. Her blog ‘Stories From A Backpack’ is full of great travel tips and amazing anecdotes from her travels. Go check it out here.

Laura’s Top Travel Beauty Tips:

  • “Dry Shampoo! My number 1 beauty tip on the road!  I couldn’t go anywhere without it.  Great for early mornings and grotty hostels! You know when the showers are so gross you can’t stand washing  your hair in them….”
  • “Foundation with SPF! When travelling I use suncream as my primer and then a foundation with SPF for extra protection. I love Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation . It makes your skin glow and it looks great in photos!”


Western AustraliaKara from Heels In My Backpack

Ok ok, I couldn’t help but throw in a couple myself!! You can never have too many travel beauty tips right?

Kara’s Top Travel Beauty Tips

  • “Be very careful when buying beauty products in Asia. Much like how we like to darken our skin in the western world, often the trend in Asian countries is to lighten skin. So everything from body lotions to deodorants can bleach your skin! And white underarms is not a good look. Proceed with caution.”
  • “Make sure you pack your products in cosmetic bags lined with plastic. Otherwise a spill could literally ruin everything you own.”
  • “Remember that your skin will tan when you’re away so your normal foundation will be obsolete after you’ve been away for more than a few days. I go with BB Cream that will always blend in and match the colour of my skin.”
  • “Buy insect repellent from the country you are in. Mosquitoes are different depending on which country you are in, so the repellent you use needs to change as well! The locals always know best.”
  • “No matter what the backpacking tyrants tell you, if there’s a product that makes you feel good, take it. Who cares if your backpack is a teensy bit heavier if it’s going to make the world of difference to how you feel on your trip.”

So a range of different tips from a range of different travel and beauty bloggers! There are definitely some gems in there. Do you have any more tips for us? Just leave a comment below 🙂

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