The Travel Make-Up Brushes Sitch

The Travel Make-Up Brushes SitchAnything that is going to save you some space is worth having a look at in my opinion. But one area that I hadn’t really considered until now, is travel make-up brushes. So I decided to investigate and take a look at 2 different travel brush sets from the top brands loved by the beauty blogger pack – Real Techniques and Eco Tools. Here’s the sitch.

Real Techniques On Location Travel EssentialsReal Techniques On Location Travel Essentials

This set includes 3 full-sized make-up brushes with a 2-in-1 case and stand for the beauts. I won’t lie, it completely threw me off that these weren’t a more compact travel-size. When I think travel brushes, I assume they’re smaller. However, the premise behind these travel essentials is that you only need these 3 brushes and you’re good to go. The orange ‘essential foundation brush’ is for your foundations and concealers, the pink ‘multitask brush’ is for the application of powder, bronzer and blusher, and the purple ‘domed shadow brush’ sorts you out for eyeshadow.

Real Techniques On Location Travel EssentialsTo be honest, I’m not sure you would need full sized brushes for all of this when you’re backpacking. It’s great that they’re lightweight, but as eyeshadow tends to only be for occasional nights out, I don’t think it would warrant a full-sized brush.

The case also isn’t the best for space saving as it’s quite rigid, and I’m pro-squishy bags when you’re travelling. They just make the most of the space available. In terms of also being a stand, it is pretty cool to have your brushes standing up on your beauty table. But in a backpacking situation, I think that’s a bit wishful thinking.

Real Techniques On Location Travel EssentialsSaying this, I’m now the biggest Real Techniques fan. If you want great make-up brushes without spending a bomb, this is the brand for you. The brushes are soft, have great coverage and don’t moult! I admit it also helps that they’re pretty colours.

 Eco Tools Mini Essentials

Eco Tools Mini Essentials Kit

This petite little kit includes a powder brush, an eye shadow brush and an angled liner brush. This is more what I was expecting from a travel set. These dainty little brushes are pretty tiny, I was worried they might be weird to use. But as I’m used to using thinner brushes for eye shadow and eye liner, the fact that the handles were a few inches shorter didn’t make much difference. And were so soft and easy to use! I’m pretty fussy with angled liner brushes (I know it’s a weird thing to be fussy about) but the Eco Tools mini version definitely passed the test.

Eco Tools Mini EssentialsThe only drawback is that the powder brush felt a bit strange to be so small. I’m probably just used to having thicker brushes for bronzer and blusher, but it just wasn’t as lovely as the Real Techniques powder brush.

However, we all know that we have to make a few beauty sacrifices every now and then for the sake of travel, so I think the space-saving abilities of this travel brush set is a definite winner.

 Real Techniques On Location Travel Essentials vs. Eco Tools Mini Essentials

The Verdict?

I’m a convert for Real Techniques now. I will be using this Real Techniques On Location Travel Essentials set as part of my everyday beauty regime. And for shorter breaks and holidays I would definitely break out the carry case and take them along.

However for the long term backpacking trips, I think I would recommend for the Eco Tools Mini Essentials kit. Still great brushes but the smaller size saves space, and when I’m taking 5 pairs of shoes with me, every little helps right?

* Please note this is a sponsored post but all views expressed are my own! I wouldn’t play you like that shorty

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