The Best of Cosmetic Bags on the High Street

Cosmetic bag, wash bag, toiletries bag, whatever you want to call it – you need something to keep all of your products together in one place, right? Well here are my top tips for choosing which one to take on your adventure!

Make Sure It’s Waterproof

Throughout your trip, your backpack will likely be thrown onto a pile of luggage on the back of a boat, will endure several long haul flights and will be squeezed onto a motorbike along with you and the driver if you venture to Vietnam (it’s terrifying). So getting a cosmetics bag that has waterproof lining will be extremely useful for any possible spillages! Having to get all of your clothes washed when you arrive somewhere is a bitch. So is having to clean the inside of your backpack. Just trust me on this one.

Make Sure It’s Squishy

Rigid bags of any kind do not work for me, whether it’s a wash bag, a make-up bag or packing cubes. Packing your backpack every other day is hard enough without having to manoeuvre rigid objects and wedge things in. Soft cosmetic bags will maximise your space and make packing regularly a whole lot easier.

Make Sure it’s Pretty

I realise this is my philosophy on most things, but if you’re going to have to lug it to hostel bathrooms everyday, it should at least be something you like to look at right?

Here’s my pick of the latest cosmetic bags on the High Street. All have of course been added to my Pinterest boards with links to buy all of these beauts. Hit me up if you see any other gems out there.

The Best of Cosmetic Bags on the High Street

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