‘H&M Loves Coachella’ Collaboration – Match Made in Heaven for Backpackers!

H&M have previously had some hit and miss collaborations in my eyes. But you can’t deny the amount of press and attention they always get. It’s all limited edition so they sell out ridiculously quickly and the crazies queue around the block for this stuff in London’s Oxford Street, no matter how chic the clothes actually are.

Lucky for us, this year’s collab is a total hit.

H&M and Coachella? Affordable fashion and festival fabulousness? Yes please.

Festival fashion is always a winner for your backpacking wardrobe. I normally go straight to the Festival Shop of online retailers when I’m planning a trip – it’s always florals, fringing and bold prints, as well as being appropriate for hot climates.The Coachella collaboration is no different with gorg maxi dresses, fringed playsuits, and some accessories that are just perfect.

And H&M prices to boot? That’s right. Totally affordable on the backpacker budget.

Here’s my wish list of my favourite pieces from the collection, and you can see the full range on the H&M website here. All links have been added to the Heels in my Backpack Pinterest board here.

H&M Loves Coachella - Boho

H&M Loves Coachella - Brights

H&M Loves Coachella - Cool

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