Prints Charming: The Obsession with Printed Trousers

Everyone’s got that trend, that no matter if it’s in fashion or not, will always be a permanent part of their wardrobe. I’ve got a few actually. I mean I love following fashion and seeing new season trends, but no matter what, a tulle midi skirt will always form part of my summer wardrobe. And knee high socks will always make an appearance in autumn. Deal with it.

But one of my big fashion loves is printed trousers. I’m obsessed. Aztec, tribal, floral, stripes or paisley, I just love a good print on my legs. I’m a big fan of a wide leg palazzo pant, and for travelling, a cotton jogger is just perfect.

Wearing Printed Trousers from Zara at Angkor Wat
Wearing Printed Trousers from Zara at Angkor Wat

If you’re heading to Asia, you’ll need bottoms that will cover your knees for when you’re visiting temples but with the hot climate jeans are obvs a definite no. And even though leggings may seem like they would be a good shout, they feel suffocating in the heat. Cotton trousers are a winner and roll up small so they don’t take up too much space. Trust me, they’re a vital additional to your packing list.

'Palace Pants' bought outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok
‘Palace Pants’ bought outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Are you sold? Not quite? Well take a look at these beauts on the High Street at the moment. All lightweight, within the backpacker budget and damn gorgeous. All added to the Pinterest boards with links to the products of course.

Printed Trousers - Easy To WearPrinted Trousers - Fresh FloralsPrinted Trousers - Bold Prints

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