So Mi-Pac are Pretty Rad.

I feel like I blog too much about rucksacks, but I really think it’s one of your important pre-travels purchases. This is your hand luggage on flights, you’ll be using it to hike Machu Picchu and have it with you on safari. It will be in loads of your photos so should be awesome.

On my Asia trip, I used the rucksack that came attached to my travelpack. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, getting a backpack that comes with a daypack for your adventures, but it looks lame and isn’t as structured as you will need.

Daypack whilst cycling Angkor Wat
Daypack whilst cycling Angkor Wat

So now before a big trip, I like to get a chic rucksack to accompany me on my once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.

I discovered the Mi-Pac brand this year and they tick all of the boxes. They’re the perfect size for a daypack, practical and structured, they come in chic prints and gorgeous fabrics, and best of all they have an average retail price of £29.99. Perfect for the backpacker budget.

Check out my fave designs:

Mi-Pac Rucksacks
Mi-Pac Rucksacks

You can find all of this fabulousness on the Mi-Pac website, right here, and also on ASOS.

Please note this is a sponsored post but all views expressed are my own! I wouldn’t play you like that shorty.

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