ID Please?

Just a quick post today to remind you to bring your ID with you on your trip – I.e, Drivers Licence.

I remember deliberating whether to bring mine as there’s a chance I could lose it and will probably have my passport on me anyway so what’s the point?

Ok well first of all, you shouldn’t have your passport on you all the time. I know people who have lost bags at beach parties and losing your passport too is a drag. Not that you’ll need ID in Asia but it is the same as the UK in America/Australia so you’ll definitely need proof of age to get into bars/clubs.

Leaving your passport in a hostel sounds like a risk but there are normally safes/lockers in your room. And if not, I used to hide mine wrapped in my travel towel in its pouch! Some hostels will keep your passport at reception as a deposit whilst your staying there anyway, so you will need your drivers licence for sure.

So just bring ID with you, ok? It makes life a little easier!

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