Nailed It.

So what about your nail care when you’re away? I can literally hear the backpacker nazis gasping and tutting at the prospect of taking any kind of nail products on your trip… Yeah yeah it’s not a necessity but as I’m sure you’ve realised, I’m not a necessities-only kind of girl.

But seriously, I think a nail file is pretty important. It’s not just a vanity thing – if you break a nail rock climbing or hiking, it can be pretty painful. And you need to file it down so it doesn’t get caught again. Also, if you take a metal one that has a pointy end, voilia you also have a nail cleaner. Because nails get DIRTY when you’re travelling. Even if you’re just walking in Western Australia you seem to get nails full of red dust!


Chinese Doll Nail Files


A nail clipper is also a good call for your toenails. They are on display all day in your flip flops after all.

If you’re doing an Asia only trip, this is all you need. Mani-pedis are a couple of quid and are readily available all over so there’s no need to bring any nail polishes at all. And when they’re that cheap its a crime not to really!

For other backpacking trips without working, I would recommend taking a nail file, nail clippers, 1 nail varnish and a tiny pot of remover pads you can get at Superdrug or Boots. (They also sell them in Australia so you can top up!)


Quickies Nail Varnish Remover Pads from Superdrug


Swisspers Nail Polish Remover Pads available in Australia


Now if you are doing your working holiday visa, you will want to bring some nail varnishes. Like I always say, if you need it at home, you’ll need it when you’re living in a different country. When you’re going on a night out or working in a city, you’ll want those things that make you feel good. I mean it totally depends on how you normally have your nails. If you like to try out new colours and care about how they look, you’re not going to be satisfied with just a clear varnish for a year.


Barry M Neon Collection (Goes great with a tan!)


I know it sounds unnecessary but it’s not like a nail varnish is a massive space stealer. And if it makes you feel good, why not?

So as ever, don’t listen to the backpacker nazis, there are no rules when it comes to travelling. Take the damn nail varnish.


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  • 19th August 2014 at 9:20 am

    Thanks for this. I’ve just packed three Barry M nail varnishes for my WHV and wanted to see if I was being ridiculous! I went for my normal ‘Blue Grape’ for general wear, the neon blue for something special and a slightly more sophisticated purple for job interviews. It’s not like they take up a lot of room and it’s a good way to show potential employers that you’ve got your act together (nothing says unprepared like scabby nails).


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